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TRX/ Kbell Boot Camp

What is it?

It is the fusion of the two most popular tools in fitness. Kettle Bells are an ancient tool used by Russian strong men (who often compete with other village men to see who was the strongest). Russian Men, were reveired for their strength and power, were known as Bogatirs. TRX Suspension training was born out of the necessity for U.S Elite Navy seals to keep up their top notch conditioning while on covert assignments.

Why kbell/TRX

Kbell and TRX are a great combination of Strength, power, balance, cardiovascular and muscular endurance and agility all rolled into one. With the fusion of these to tools you have a superior fat loss tool. One cannot forget improvement in strength, stamina and the list goes on.

Our Program

I developed this program for those who are new to this kind of training or who have never seen these fitness tools before (exceptions are made for those who are advanced and want something challenging too.) Participants are shown from the very beginning good instruction and proper form. This is an awesome program to reshape the body. Very few other programs challenge it. However, These tools are not easy to just start exercising . One requires a learning curve of how to control the kbell/trx around your body. Our suggestion is that you try a demo to see how your body reacts the first time.

8 week Boot Camp Pricing (no HST)
$299 for 24 classes
$199 for 16 classes
$120 for 8 classes

For more information contact matt at 416-722-7795
or for your demo class