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How is Triple T different than its competitors?

Triple T Group Fit VS other Boot Camps
Smaller Class Sizes (8-15) - you won’t be just another number at Triple T. You will receive more attention making your classes feel more like having a personal trainer.   Large Classes - You may pay less, but you could be just another number. Less exercise safety and individual form can be observed by the instructor with too many participants.
Fitness Screening - participants are screened for potential biomechanical & health issues.   When joining & jumping into a new program the instructor may assume everyone is camp ready.
Nutritional Support - options available to greatly increase your chances of success.   Campers pay their fees and have to rely on their own efforts for change.
Regular Fitness Assessments - conducted by certified instructors to keep you accountable.   No assessments provided - Individuals are not aware of their achievements.
Longer Warm up/Cool down Periods - very important for campers to prepare them for each session and recovery.   Quick warm up & short cool down. Getting campers started & finished quickly could result in greater potential for injury.
Knowledgeable and Experienced Instructors - you will be taught by instructors with 10 years of personal training and group instructor experience including a therapist back ground. We see things the other guys might not.   Less Experience and Basic Knowledge - harder to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Boot Camp Prices

Triple T Group Fit other Boot Camps
5 days/week, 1st month only $240 Ask about our return program $275, $100 unlimited classes
3 days/week $200 $225-$242.00
1 day/week, 10 week package with 2.5 months to use only $180 2 days/week $160 -$190