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Welcome to The Training Edge,
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Personal Training by The Training Edge

It's not a question of where we stand, but where the limitless horizons we have within, take us.

With a positive attitude and professional guidance, you can achieve anything!

The Training Edge

Providing professional personal training, education and the tools needed by individuals and groups which enable them to achieve personal goals in health and overall physical wellbeing. No matter the need for physical strength, endurance or stamina, weight loss & toning, or to simply maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle, the Training Edge can customize a workout program for you.

Our Philosophy

At the Training Edge, not only is it the belief that attitude is everything, but also your success in health & fitness encompass both the body as well as the mind.

Our Mission

To assist every client in learning the tools necessary to establish a balanced lifestyle in the areas of physical fitness, nutrition and mental well-being.