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My journey to a healthy lifestyle actually started officially on Oct 1 2011 with a start weight of 288lbs. As of today, I'm at 188lbs losing 100lbs.

It took a lot of determination and dedication and the results show! I am very proud of myself and continue to enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle.

If I go a day without being active I feel guilty (I haven't missed a day yet!). This is not a diet for me, it's a complete lifestyle change and I can now enjoy each and every day to its fullest with confidence!

Carlo Constanzo


Matt Ingram has been my Personal Trainer since 2005.

At first my goals were to simply get into better shape and increase my flexibility in hope of improving my golf game.  Matt helped me achieve those goals rather quickly and we have since moved on to more serious strength and cardio training.

As a result of working with Matt, I now compete regularly in Duathlon events.  Matt does an excellent job of assessing my fitness goals and then designing the appropriate workout program.  He even helps me with nutrition as I prepare for events.

I highly recommend Matt as a Personal Trainer. He is professional, knowledgeable and a lot of fun.

Thanks Matt.



Matt Ingram has been working with me as my personal trainer for the past four months. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced fitness instructor who takes his profession very seriously.

Over the past four months he has worked on a tailored routine for me to help me reach my fitness goals. My goals were to focus on my strength and abs.
To begin with, he established my level of fitness and measured my heart rates, blood pressure and BMI as well as body measurements for future reference. He then established a goal-orientated program for me, which included nutrition counseling. We decided that working with me twice a week would help me reach my goals.

Matt is very innovative in finding ways to use the limited fitness equipment I have for my routines. We work with weights, stretch bands and a ball. I also have a treadmill and an Elliptical trainer for cardio routines.

Matt certainly encourages me to push myself in order for me to reach my goals. He motivates me at each session and makes the routine fun.

Lynda Lincoln


Hello Friends,

I feel it is about time that I paid my heart felt thank you to my personal trainer, Matthew Ingram.

Matt has a terrific attitude and I can't help but want to work my butt off for him. Matt has been working with me since May 2005 to get me ready for an up and coming movie role in a highly anticipated sequel to a critically acclaimed movie.

My part calls for me to play a renegade motorcycle gang member. This requires me to be able to handle, amongst other things, a Harley Davidson Chopper motorcycle in the Mexican desert. This bike has 56" front forks and knucklehead handlebars. The dedication Matthew has shown to get me ready has been nothing short of amazing.

When I started I weighed 223 lbs and had skinny arms no stamina or strength. In 6 1/2 months I have shed 21 lbs and have gained the strength and stamina I would have never thought possible. The workout regiment he has put me under 3 days a week an hour a day with 3 weeks off at different times has made a new man out of me. I want to thank Matt very much for his doing such a great job.

I highly recommend Matt and all I can say it's finally paying off in dividends as I have in the last few months won 5 parts in TV commercials and have had the opportunity to advance farther in my other job with a vim and vigor that I previously never had.

By the way I am in my 60th year and I look and feel 10 years younger. No, make that 20 years younger.

Keep up the great work Matt.


Val Ruffo


Matt provides just what you need in a trainer. First, he is a great teacher who can show you a huge variety of exercises and techniques. Having this instruction makes it very easy to have an effective, intense workout in your own home. Second, and most importantly, Matt is a great motivator. His encouragement and support get you through a vigorous workout with a smile on your face. And his between session follow up, via email and phone, helps you keep the momentum going. You feel driven to do those between session workouts, and make them count. I would recommend Matt as a trainer to anyone.

Colleen Birnie