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Fitness Tips and Articles

5 easy tips for staying fit & eating healthy

1.   Try to have a workout, or at the very least walk 30 minutes, per day to keep your metabolism going.

2.   Drink a glass of water and/or eat a healthy snack before heading off to a party. It will make you feel a little full before you arrive and still allow you to enjoy a sampling of the food without eating too many calories.

3.   Maintain 3-5 small meals per day.

4.   Choose as many healthy alternatives as possible especially in social settings or out for dinner.

5.   Still treat yourself once a week to something a little special, but choose low fat & calorie options as often as possible and keep in mind portion control.

Common Questions Personal Trainers are Asked:

1. In order to lose weight around the abs, should I do exercise focused on that region?
Research does not support spot reducing. The best option is expose large muscle groups that burn more calories. You will eventually lose body fat in the regions that you like. Ultimately, a large percentage of our figures are genetically determined. You can still have an effect on your shape, but your goals have to be realistic. Doing 100 crunches will only build up a layer of muscle in that region.

2. Will I get big bulky muscles if I strength train?
For the majority the answer is no. Males have a significant advantage over females for building muscle due to the fact that testosterone levels are 10-30X higher in males. Beyond this our potential is largely determined by genetics. This is a common question asked by many female clients.

3. How do I get muscle definition?
This is another area determined by genetics. We can all improve our health and physique. The best way for muscle definition is: · Lose body fat · Strength Train · Eat a sensible diet.

4. Should I get into shape before I start to lift weights?
The answer is no. Strength training should be a part of everyone's exercise program. People who are severely overweight may need to start strength training before that even get on a treadmill so they can improve the strength of their joints. If strength training is done with minimal rest the cardio effects can be seen.

5. If I want to lose weight, should my main focus be cardio activities?
All programs should include a balance o cardio, strength and flexibility routines. If anyone of these routines is missing, the client will not see the full benefit from exercising. Strength training burns calories while exercising. Muscle is an active tissue it is always burning calories.

6. Should a women's exercise program differ from a man's?
From a physiological perspective, it is not true the programs should differ. Our muscle fibers are the same and our bodies respond in similar ways. Obviously men and women are different and individual differences are what the program should be based on.